When your HR targets are set high...

Regardless their objective, to modern organizations all around the world, the crucial correlation between their human capital on the one hand and their overall success on the other is not a secret any more. 

Thus, the 'value added per person' has gained quite an attention as one of the main key performance indicators over the last decades.

Recruiting and retaining the best employees acquirable therefore is an important element of every success-oriented main business strategy. 

With considering only the basic findings of demographic research it becomes more than obvious: The 'war for talents' has already begun and will even grow harder.

Mere persisting this leads to an attitude of evasive reactions, which is not a strategy of a company of international weight.

Spearheading Human Resources process quality worldwide is the right entitlement for leading companies and the only way to maintain the sustainably best human resources process quality management possible.  

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...you should chose your tools and aid wisely

HR decisions can base on quite a variety of more or less sound methods, procedures, consultations, assessments available all over the world. 

In order to chose appropriate tools and aid and to avoid mistakes in HR decisions having far-reaching consequences, like in e.g. hiring, career promotions, etc., only such procedures should be utilized in the course of the occupational assessment process of your company which are based on objective and sound findings of related research. 

Moreover, the whole assessment process itself should feature quality criteria like objectivity, reliability and validity in all its elements.

With taking into accout the new international HR quality standard ISO 10667-1:2011 into your existing occupational assessment process of job-related suitability evaluations, your organization: 

» follows the path of continuous improvement in its HR hiring and selection process,

» minimizes mistakes in every HR decision related, 

» gains more safety in contracting (compliance) with international service providers and recruiting candidates from all over the world,

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» taps significant six or even seven digits annual saving potentials,

» is able to identify dubious service providers and unsound assessment procedures and avoid suboptimal outcomes of entrusting them,

» is recognized as an attractive equal opportunity employer by the TOP candidates you actually try to recruit on international stage,

» gains acknowledgement as an internationally eligible business partner among your potential contractors. 

ISO 10667-1:2011 is the part of the international HR process quality standard applicable on your very company / enterprise when acting as the ordering party within an occupational assessment service aggreement. Your service providers can be both, internal to your organization, as e.g. your own HR department when performing the assessment service itself, or external to your organization, like e.g. hiring agencies, headhunting consultancies, HR consultants, etc.

The easiest and fewest extensive way for an organization to fulfill its requirements against ISO 10667-1:2011 is licensing of personnel in charge.