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Every single minute, probably several ten or even hundred thousands HR decisions are made in companies, enterprises and institutions all around the world.

HR decisions determine e.g. whether an applicant will get the job as a back office assistant in an international well positioned stock exchange enterprise or not. Or whether a long-serving accounts clerk will be promoted obtaining the team leader position in a leading pharmacy company or not. Or whether a line manager will receive a warning-letter for several consecutive absences without valid excuses or not. Every single HR decision made entails eminent consequences and must be well-considered and to the point.

Regardless who has to make all these decisions, whether an organization's HR department as an internal service provider, or a contracted service provider external to the organization in need of making a specific HR decision, both have one thing in common:

They have to accomplish an occupational assessment preceding the decision in order to enable it being made at all.

And, the more appropriate the preceding occupational assessment process is, the more appropriate and the less inaccurate the consecutive decision based on it will be.

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Respectable and professionally reliable service providers always are aware of their functional responsibility, and keep in mind that each HR decision based on the results of the occupational assessment they accomplished has far-reaching consequences for both, the decision making organization, thus their clients on the one hand, and the respective person or group of individuals it was set up for, thus the assessment participants on the other hand.  

...requires understanding the rules

The service provider accomplishing the occupational assessment according to ISO 10667-2:2011 has to know the rules and bear the functional responsibility for it. 

Therefore, every of the actions taken in connection with the occupational assessment process to be accomplished shall meet numerous different professional entitlements in order to produce a well-grounded, valid and reliable result of the occupational assessment process, based on which the client will be able to make an utmost accurate and appropriate HR decision. 

HR decisions can base on quite a variety of methods, procedures, consultations, assessments available all over the world. 

In order to chose appropriate and well-founded tools and aid and to avoid mistakes in HR decisions having far-reaching consequences, like in e.g. hiring, career promotions, etc., as the responsible service provider according to ISO 10667-1/2:2011 only such procedures and methods shall be utilized in the course of the occupational assessment process the service provider recommends and accomplishes for its client, which are based on objective and sound findings of related research and which appropriate meet the requirements set of the client's assessment needs specification (ISO 10667-2:2011, Cl. 4.2).

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Moreover, the whole occupational assessment process itself should feature quality criteria like objectivity, reliability and validity in all its elements. 

With implementation the new international HR quality standard ISO 10667-2:2011 into your organization's existing occupational assessment process of job-related suitability evaluations, your service providing company / enterprise: 

» follows the path of continuous improvement in its HR hiring and selection process,

» minimizes mistakes in every HR decision related and made by the clients you counselled, 

» gains more safety in contracting (compliance) with international clients and their recruiting candidates from all over the world,

» and your clients taps significant six or even seven digits annual saving potentials in related HR decisions,

» exudes respectability and professional soundness to your potential clients, which conduces to distinction of your company / enterprise from dubious service providing competitors utilizing unsound assessment procedures,

» is recognized as an equal opportunity assessment service provider by the TOP candidates you actually try to recruit on behalf of your clients on international stage,

» gains acknowledgement as an internationally eligible business partner among your potential clients. 

ISO 10667-2:2011 is the part of the international HR process quality standard applicable on your very company / enterprise when acting as the contracting party within an occupational assessment service aggreement with you being the service provider. This applies as follows: 

a) if you represent an HR department, your client can be your own company / enterprise you are incorporated to, or 

b) if your company / enterprise provides HR consultation services, like e.g. hiring agencies, headhunting consultancies, HR consultants, etc.

In order to accommodate the structure and complexity of the service provider's organization, Towering Certification offers:

1)  licensing of personnel  against ISO 10667-2:2011 applies to those service providers of occupational assessment according to this very international standard, being external to a client's organization, having less than three employees responsibly arranging occupational assessments with and for clients, and/or having less than five assessors performing and/or contributing to the occupational assessment provision.

2)  organizational certification  against ISO 10667-2:2011 applies to any kind of service provider of occupational assessment according to this very international standard, having three or more employees responsibly arranging occupational assessments with and for clients, and/or having five or more assessors performing and/or contributing to the occupational assessment provision, regardless if the service providers or assessors are internal or external to a client's organization.

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