TCertI seminars on ISO 10667-1/2:2011

This practical oriented licensing webinar is set up for everyone interested in this standard, in detailed information and practical case studies and exercises as well as best practices in responsibly planning, accomplishing, and evaluating occupational assessment processes according to ISO 10667-2:2011, and who aims at gaining the qualification and personnel license as "ISO 10667-2 - (ISPE) Intl. Service Provider's Executive".

In detail, this two days licensing webinar deals with e.g.:

  • usual procedures of occupational assessment service provision as Intl. Service Provider's Executive,
  • quality, standards, status quo, and state of the art within job-related suitability evaluations,
  • general procedure of modern, sound, and standard-driven occupational assessment service provision,
  • some important historical aspects of the development of the ISO 10667-1/2
  • ISO 10667-1/2 as guideline for identification of untrustworthy providers of occupational assessment services,
  • course of action and benefits of gaining organizational certificate or personnel license on ISO 10667-1/2:2011.
  • legal relationship between the ‘Client’ in terms of ISO 10667-1 and the ‘Service Provider’ in terms of ISO 10667-2,
  • general structure of both parts of the standard,
  • classification of different types of requirements in ISO 10667-2,
  • essential requirements of ISO 10667-2,
  • essential features of occupational assessment provision conforming the main requirements ISO 10667-2,
  • main benefits and gains of implementing the ISO 10667-1/2,
  • essential duties of an Intl. Service Providers' Executive personnel licence holder in contributing to a
    ISO 10667-2-conforming assessment provision,
  • practising ISO 10667-2-conforming occupational assessment service provision in various exercises and case studies
  • licensing examination: 120 minutes, 120 multiple choice questions,
  • webinar documentation and official personnel license as "ISO 10667-2:2011 - "Intl. Service Provider's Executive" included.

Book your ISO 10667-2 licensing webinar here     for as low as  EUR 2760.00 *


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By submitting this form the applicant bindingly orders attendance in the licensing webinar and unconditionally accepts the following obliging terms and conditions of participation. The licensing webinar consists of four webinar training slots each four hours of length, and a licensing slot taking two hours of length. The participants can chose from various starting times available for webinar training slots and the final examination slot after having booked the licensing webinar at own discretion and according to his/her needs. The participant may cancel the licensing webinar under following conditions: cancellations until four weeks prior the beginning of the first licensing webinar slot will be charged with 35% of the total fee. Cancellations between four weeks before beginning of the first webinar slot until 24 hours before the first licensing webinar training slot will be charged with 65% of the total fee. Cancellations thereafter will be charged with 100% of the total fee. Else, an alternate participant may attend the licensing webinar in case the primarily registered participant should be prevented. After verification of the application, an official acknowledgement of participation, the webinar agenda, and an invoice will be sent, which is payable within one week. Webinars may be cancelled by TCertl until one day prior the webinar, and webinar and licensing fees already transferred by the participant will be refunded by TCertI within total within one week. Beyond that, TCertl then cannot be held liable for any disadvantage the participant may encounter in such a case, e.g. TCertI will neither in parts nor in total refund any possibly arising penalty expenses the participant may encounter for whatever reasons from cancelling the accomplishment of the licensing webinar. Webinar’s topics and their sequence may be subject to moderate alterations on short notice at the discretion of TCertI.   *) The total fee per participant is EUR 2760.00 plus VAT (19%), and consists of:   a.) webinar training fee: EUR 1180.00 plus VAT (19%),   plus   b.) licensing examination fee: EUR 1580.00 plus VAT (19%).<

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