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Towering Certification Intl.

Established in October 2011, Towering Certification Intl. (TCertI) is the first international certification body providing occupational assessment process certifications of human resources quality management systems, i.e. dealing with job-related suitability evaluations as e.g. recruitment and selection processes, according to ISO 10667-1:2011 and ISO 10667-2:2011 and the new DIN 33430:2016 exclusively.  

Both, the precertificational auditings, as well as the examinational conformity assessment auditings are being accomplished by TCertI with respective regard to ISO/IEC 17021:2011, 'Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems'. 

Personnel licensing examinations on ISO 10667-1/2:2011 are being accomplished with respective regard to ISO/IEC 17024:2003 (respectively its reviewed version coming approx. 2012/13) ´Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification on persons‘.

TCertI provides its ISO 10667-1/2:2011 and DIN 33430:2016 certification and licensing services to commercial as well as non-profit organizations regardless the respective sector, and public and/or governmental institutions all over the world.

Generally, the certificates and licenses issued by Towering Certification Intl. (TCertI) on base of the two parts of the international standard ISO 10667-1:2011 and ISO 10667-2:2011 as well as DIN 33430:2016 to its clients are valid worldwide.

Where prohibited or tied to conditions precedent by specific national law or other national regulation of the potential client's country, both the accomplishment of certification and/or licensing services will be not be carried out until, and the validity of the certificates and/or licenses issued by TCertI respectively gain validity upon all necessary requirements and permissions for accomplishment of service and validation of certificate and/or license have been officially granted and entered into force in the respective client's country. 

TCert's head office and official:

Towering Certification International

Inh. Norman Nicoll, M.A.

Eiffestr. 600

D-20537 Hamburg


VAT-ID-No: DE814971396

Liability for own web site content

As a service provider, Towering Certification Intl. ("TCertI" hereafter) is held to be resonsible for own content on this site. The content of the Internet site "" has been tendered with largest care possible. However, no guarantee can be ensured regarding its correctness, completeness, and actuality. Besides, neighter can Internet service providers be obligated to supervise conveyed or stored information owned by third parties nor to search after circumstances that might indicate illegal acts of any kind. Any obligation to erase or block the usage of information in accordance to law directives remains unaffected. However, a relevant liability is at the earliest possible immediately once circumstances of a concrete law breaking have come to TCertI's attention. Appropriate actions, e.g. removing of the respective content and/or calling in criminal prosecutions authorities, will then be performed by TCertI immediately. Agreeable to its sentence (05/12/1998), the German "Hamburg LG" court constatuated general responsibility for content provided by third party Internet service providers in the case of deploying hyperlinks on own sites, pointing to their very content. This can only be avoided by explicitly dissociating oneself from the relevant contents. The operator of “” has deployed so-called hyperlinks on his own Internet site pointing to content of other Internet sites, beeing owned by third parties. However, since TCertI has no bearing on any arrangement of the third party Internet contents, no guarantee can be ensured regarding their correctness, legality, completeness, and actuality. Official statement valid for all these hyperlinks: TCertI does not have influence on organisation and matters of third party Internet content. TCertI dissociates from third party content, even if a hyperlink is set on the Internet site of TCertI, "", pointing to any external site. This explanation is aplicable on all hyperlinks indicated on the Internet site of “”, all its subcategories, as well as for all content of the sites, to which banners from TCertI's site might lead.

Secrecy obligation

Basically, visitors may use the Internet sites of TCertI, “” with all of its subcategories, anonymous, i.e. without their identity unveiled. Thus, the usage of the Internet site of TCertI is being analyzed with integrated statistics instruments of TCertI's Internet service provider by automated means. Data likely the Internet site the visitor actually comes from to "", the Internet site which he visits on “” itself, the type of the assigned Internetbrowser as well as time and duration of his visit are recorded. This information is evaluated for statistic purposes only. Data likely the visitor's Internet service provider, the IP and the visiting time are traced for security reasons (i.e. for purposes of identification of possible misuse of this site, e.g. spamming, hacking, trojans, etc.). Any kind of misuse of this site as a whole or of its individual elements, especially the provided means for contacting Towering Certification Intl., e.g. with spam messages, trojans, hacking, phishing, etc. is prohibited under international laws and subject to criminal prosecution which will be issued without prior notice. As an individual user, the visitor always remains anonymous. All collected data will neighter be passed to third parties nor be stored by whatever means by TCertI. Data suitable to provide evidence for any kind of harmful and illegal actions, as stated above but not limited to this, against the site "" or its potential target sites and/or addressees will be passed to criminal prosecution authorities. If the browser or any other program running on the visitor's computer should transmit data, harmful or not, to the Internet server of TCertI or its Internet service provider, the visitor himself is held responsible for that. This statement is in particular valid for Javascript and Cookies. Furthermore, the visitor is responsible for all information conveyed to or via the Internet site of TCertI. Any of his personal data sent intentionally to and received by TCertI is treated confidentially. Only when essentially indicated and mandatory, the visitor's personal data will be passed to third parties which will become involved into the consultation process with TCertI, and only with priviously given agreement by the visitor himself, in order to protect this sensible personal data from abuse.

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